14 day flat belly challenge


Yesterday I started a 14 day Flat Belly challenge. And it is going to be quite the challenge. If you see the picture that I posted with all the things that I have to do in this challenge; it is something else. But if I know anything about myself, I love a challenge.

My entire life I’ve been tall, slim with fast metabolism. As a matter of fact; as I’ve gotten older my metabolism has seems to have gotten even better. But over the past few weeks maybe even months I’ve noticed that I picked up a few pounds. Although, I do not mind gaining a few pounds I would just like for my body to be toned.

So, in addition to me doing this 14 day challenge; I have started doing daily bike rides and lifting weights. Being healthy and in shape is very important. I will keep you posted on how I’m doing with this 14 day challenge and if I’m keeping up with doing my daily bike rides and weight lifting.

I know that losing weight can be more difficult as you start to get older but since I’ve noticed the weight gain I am getting ahead of it now instead of waiting until the weight is there and it’s harder for me to shed the pounds.

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