Trying to get in shape

My morning bike ride


Yesterday I wrote about starting my 14 day flat belly challenge. I have also started biking during my 14-day challenge. I wake up every morning at 630- 7 amish; I walk my dogs for about 20 minutes. Walking them is actually one of the highlights of my day! It is so peaceful and I love how happy they are two be outside. How they have to make their territory on everything.  They truly love nature.

Once I get them back in the house, I do my bike ride. I actually got on a bike for the first time in 15 years. Riding my bike is such a serene experience. I don’t know why I ever stopped. I just feel so free. I do between 25- 30 minutes each ride. If I ride longer than that my hair gets sweaty an washing my hair is quite the process (Black girls that have extension problems, lol!).

During my bike ride I see several bunny rabbits. 20180612_065601


I see really tall, big birds


And not to mention  there’s a wonderful view and I see occasional squirrels playing with each other. I feel great and alive after my bike ride and I’m ready to start my day. I suggest to everyone start their day after you say your prayers and thank God for giving you another day of life; and do some sort of exercise  or meditation.  It makes your day so much better!

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