The Value of Everyone’s Time



I have been applying for freelance writer positions for quite awhile. Finally, I got an interview at one the newspapers/newsletters I had been applying for almost a year! Needless to say, I was overjoyed. I talked with the administrative assistant and we set a date. I couldn’t contain my happiness. I got my portfolio together and I went over potential answers for questions. The day before my interview I got a call canceling my interview. I wasn’t given a reason as to why my interview was canceled. I was so upset and disappointed.

For weeks I waited for the administrative assistant to contact me with a new interview date.  After almost waiting for a month; I got an email and the date was set. I made sure my portfolio was up to date and I went over potential questions again.  The day of my interview, I dressed to impress.  I walked in there with confidence.

Afterwards, I knew I nailed my interview. I felt that my only setback was that I never worked for a newsletter or newspaper before and I didn’t have a lot of published word. However, I was honest and upfront at the beginning of my interview. I thought that telling him that in the beginning would be a good start. Why, I’m not really sure.

Although I lacked those two things, the editor-n-chief seemed impressed with my portfolio, my work ethic, and my background. I knew I had interviewed well. I left my portfolio and some of my best work for the editor to read. He asked for me to do an assignment for him afterwards. Which, of course I did.  I did a follow-up with him and for weeks I was given the run-around or no response at all.

Finally, I got fed up and emailed the administrative assistant of the company and asked if I could come by and pick up my portfolio. I said to her please tell the editor if he doesn’t want to hire me just tell me; it will not be the first time I heard the word NO.

The editor assistant immediately called and asked me to send over additional right work that I had published so he can make a decision.  I emailed him back and I also called him and said all of that is in my portfolio that I left weeks again in addition to some of my work that I left during my interview. But I sent over some more my work anyway.

After waiting for over a month since my interview (which is now 6 weeks because I waited 2 more weeks since I emailed him more of my work), I get an email from the assistant editor-in-chief, telling me they will not move forward with hiring me. Apparently because I didn’t have enough published work. Something they knew from day one!  This is what they tell me is the reason they will not hire after 6 weeks! I don’t have enough published work. I was more than upset. If he told me my writing wasn’t up to par or not up to their standards. I would have been okay with that. But not I don’t have enough published work. Am I wrong for thinking that?

What I learned from this is I will never allow someone to waste my time!  Nor will I wait around for over 6 weeks for a job when I can use my own platform for people to hear my VOICE!!! The fact they were so unprofessional, they did me a favor! I know there is something bigger and better out there for me!

5 thoughts on “The Value of Everyone’s Time

  1. Definitely something bigger and better is waiting right on the horizon for you! You are off to do great things and I’m so happy for you!

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