On Our Own Timetable


Have you ever had someone ask you a question that caught you completely off-guard? I often have people ask me questions and I wonder what and how my answer affects their life.

I’ve had the same job for the past three years and, more often than not, have people ask me when I’m going to get a real job or what I want to do when I grow up. It makes me wonder, are they asking because they think I deserve better, to make conversations, or if they are just being nosey? The end result is the same. How does my job affect them and why are they concerned with my career choices?

When someone ask me that, it makes me think, do I do this to others? It is quite rude when I think of it. It insinuates that I have somehow failed or should be doing better in life. It can make someone feel like a failure. And without thinking, we are comparing each other’s lives. Everyone is on their own path. Some are slower and some are faster than others.

Before we speak or ask someone something we should always think. Sometimes the simplest question can be offensive. It reminds me of an episode of Ellen McBeal, which was my favorite show years ago starring Calista Flockhart. The character Lane was asked when she going to apply for a different job. She was working as a receptionist. She looked offended and she said, “Why would I apply for a different job? I love my job. It might not seem like a great job to you but I love it! I have great benefits. I meet new people everyday and I’m good at what I do. Now if you’ll excuse me!”

Basically what I’m getting at is when it comes to matters of someone’s career, private health, life we should mind her own business. Get involved with issues that need our direct attention. Things like world hunger, sex trafficking, opiate crisis, inequality, abuse-of-power, immigration, Etc, not someone else career choice.

One thought on “On Our Own Timetable

  1. Lashaun,
    There’s alot of rude people out in the world. Big reasons why I don’t mess with too many people.
    I’m still trying to learn to keep my guard up from people asking questions that they are trying to ask to be hurtful.


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