Have a Seat at the Table


One of my favorite things growing up was sitting at the table with my family for dinner. It was a time when I knew we all be together and I loved it. I think taking the time to sit down and have dinner as a family made our bond stronger. The reason I say this is because our focus was on each other. There were no cell phones back then. I don’t believe we even watched TV. It was just us. My mother, brother, and my three sisters. The family.
In today’s world I think having a seat at the table has been lost. Dad’s might be working overtime. Moms are working and taking care of small children. Teenagers are doing their own thing. And if families do sit down, no one talks to each other. Small children might be playing a video game, teenagers are on their cell phone, and the adults aren’t communicating. Families are not taking an interest in each other. It is like sitting at the table with strangers.
When are we going to get back to the time when we talked to each other? Technology has taken over so much of our lives we have forgotten the value of face to face time. When was the last time you sat down to dinner with family or friends and didn’t use your cell phone? How often do you give someone your undivided attention? When you have dinner with your family, are cell phones banned from the dinner table?
Sitting at the table with my family growing was a complete joy! It seems like something that is very simple but those are usually the greatest things.
So, take the time to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family or friends. Give your cell phone a break. Engage with the people around you. Take interest in there lives. Ask questions. Make them feel like they matter.

Have a Seat at the Table!



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