Keep Pushing Forward!


About a year ago I was walking my dogs and I looked up to see a squirrel jumping from limb to limb and tree to tree. Suddenly I watched the squirrel miss a limb and fall smack on the ground. I heard the thump and everything. It was quite the crunch.

However, I watched this squirrel get right back up and hit the ground running back to the next tree! It made me stop dead in my tracks. I had never seen anything like that.

It made me think of the saying that I’ve heard my entire life, when you get knocked down you got to get back up and keep it moving. Whenever something happens to me and I feel like I don’t want to move forward or I’m tired and I can’t keep going, I think of that squirrel. How he smacked that pavement and got up like nothing ever happened and he kept it moving!

Life isn’t always cupcakes and unicorns and roses life is rough and it will knock you on your ass. But you got to get up and keep moving to keep going forward period because if life was easy everybody would be winning. It is the hustlers and the grinders that separate themselves from people who get knocked down and stay down.

When life knocks you down turn into that squirrel and get up and keep it moving! Move forward and don’t look back. Nothing good comes from looking in the past!

One thought on “Keep Pushing Forward!

  1. So true and it’s so good to hear for we all have such a hard time and need to think about the squirrel you saw get smacked down and got right back up .

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