The Problem with Comfort


Being comfortable can be a very pleasing position. However, it can also be dangerous. My comfort with my job has made me complacent. I’ve had the same job for the past three years and has nothing to do with my end goal. I have become complacent.

I have often complained about my job, but I am still there. So, it makes me think is it really that bad? The answer might be no, but this isn’t what I’m passionate about. This job isn’t what sets my soul on fire.

In my complacency, not sure if that’s a word, I have not tried very hard to find better. This is sad because I know I deserve and want better. However, comfort, getting a pay raise, being able to take off as much as I want; as often left me satisfied with the job at hand.

I’ve always been a person that likes to help people. Most importantly I’m a writer, what does my job had to do with either of those things? Is this what I want went to school for?

I’m not saying I must do what I went to school for, but I should at least be doing something that makes me happy! Doing what I’m passionate about. I can even say though I’m not happy at my job, the people there that comment would never know it. I always put a smile on my face. But I shouldn’t fake happiness. Life is too short to waste it on things that don’t matter. And I’m not saying my job doesn’t matter. I pay my bills from my job.

But life is about having a purpose, happiness, and doing things that matter. We only get one, so we might as well make the best of it!

At the end of the day end of our life we don’t want to look back with regrets. Wishing we went for that job or not been able to travel because we got comfortable/complacent with an easy job that didn’t pay well but it was comfortable.

Live life! Be adventurous! Be uncomfortable!

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