My First Love


My 1st love has always been reading. I’m not really sure if that can count as a first love but I’ve enjoyed reading basically since I learned how to talk and what a book was. My love of reading actually inspired me to be a writer. I’ve always had a creative mind and I think that came from reading. And in my opinion one of the best ways to express creativity is through writing.

Growing up, my mother didn’t have a lot of money and we weren’t able to do a lot of things but reading gave me the pleasure of being able to go anywhere. While reading you can travel into space or into a deep dark cave and find a dragon. You can fly in the sky with birds and fairies or go on an adventure with your talking monkey or dog. With reading the sky is the limit.

And for a kid growing up without very much reading was everything. Reading lead me to being a writer. I used to babysit my cousin Kendall and I would get paid $20 every time I babysat her. With those $20 I would go and buy 5 or 6 RL Stine books and have read every last one of them before the next time I babysat my cousin. I couldn’t get enough of those books but I was reading the books faster than RL Stine could put them out. I tried reading other authors but the books didn’t intrigue and excite me as much as RL Stine. So, I knew I needed to write my own books.

The funny thing is, RL Stine writes horror/thriller books and that’s really not my genres but I really liked reading those books. I loved how he put the story together and how everything just flowed so perfectly. He kept me hooked. I knew I wanted to be a writer. I hope to write books where the reader anticipates the next one coming out and gets upset when the current book they are reading is over because it is over!

Now as an adult, working jobs that I’m not passionate about, I realize it is time to stop putting my dream of being a writer on the back burner and do what I am passionate about. To turn my dream of being a writer into reality.

What are you passionate about? Have you always known what you wanted to do with your life?

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