We All Matter

I would say I’m a woman that doesn’t like to get involved in politics but I would be lying. I am a person that gets involved in politics because I care about my livelihood, my family’s livelihood, and the future. I am often puzzled by what goes on in America and more often than not I am puzzled by our president.

Sometimes I think that our president fails to realize he is not just the president of his base; he is president of the United States! He is president of everybody in the United States; not just the people that voted for him.

He’s very quick to try and rile up his base saying things that make them happy as if the other people in the United States don’t matter. And I like to say this, if you were the mother or father of 5 children and only 2 of those children claimed you, you still have 5 children. You cannot pretend those other 3 children don’t exist because they don’t like you. You still have to take care of them.

I wish that Donald Trump would have that same kind of mind frame. I know it’s impossible to please everyone but he could at least try. We live in a world where people have different values, principles, ethics, and morals but at the end of the day we all matter. All of our opinions and thoughts should all be taken into account.

People’s feeling should not be taken into account because of their sexual orientation, race, color, background or religion. We all matter. As the famous quote goes, “life is about helping people and if you can’t help someone at least don’t hurt them”.

Always try to look at the world with the other man’s eyes!

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