Life of a Stay at Home Dog


I’ve always been under the impression when I went to work my dog sat by the door and waited for me to come home. For this very reason I got my 2nd dog, Dusty, so Onyx would not be home alone and he would have someone to play with.

I have now had my dogs for almost 13 years and they are the best money that I have ever spent. They bring me so much joy and I can’t imagine having any other dogs. So, thinking they were just waiting for me by the door sometimes caused me to have anxiety. However, I feel better knowing they are home, even if alone, with each other. They are best friends.

I recently moved to a one bedroom place and on my front door there are blinds and when I go outside just to check the mail or whatever, my dog Dusty will stick his face in the blind so he can see when I come home. It makes me laugh and warms my heart at the same time to know that he’s looking for me. However because my house is so small I can hear my dogs walking around inside when I’m outside.


I have recently found out that my dogs do not wait for me by the front door. They actually stay in my room in their beds sleeping and when they hear me get out of my car and walk up the front stairs they run and sit by the door and wait for me to come in the door.

All these years I’ve been thinking my stay at home dogs 🤣have been breathlessly waiting for me by the front and I was wrong. It’s a good feeling knowing I was wrong. I mean who likes waiting…!

Ahhh, the life of a stay at home dog!

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