I found my Middle Ground


Last week I wrote about my experience in Treasure Island for my mini vacation. I purposely omitted the FOOD. The reason for this was because the dinner we had the first night deserves its very own blog post!  As I have stated several times, I love to eat, I am a FOODIE! I have been to more restaurants than I can count or remember. However, the place we went to in Treasure Island, was one of the best! Maybe it was my company, maybe it was the ambience, all I know is that is was DELICIOUS.

The restaurant was The Middle Grounds. When we walked in the bar was packed and there was like a five to ten minute wait. I’d like to think we got there right in time because once we sat down, a little later the place was packed. I wasn’t exactly dressed for a somewhat upscale meal, but I didn’t care. I came to eat and the restaurant didn’t disappoint. The food was to die for.

We started out with A bottle of wine a bottle of Riesling. We ordered conch fritters and they didn’t come out the way I thought they would. They were large for conch fritters; like the size of meatballs. Then I ordered a shrimp and crab salad with almonds, oranges, and goat cheese. Jim ordered a wedge salad. He loves a good wedge salad; that is probably his favorite kind of salad.
We then shared a pound and a 1/2 of Alaskan King crab that came with whipped mashed potatoes and string beans. When I say our taste buds exploded from all the flavor in this dinner would be an understatement. The food was absolutely mouthwatering. I don’t think I’ve ever had Alaskan King crab that was that delicious.
He even ordered dessert, crème brulee, which I am not really a fan but I tasted a bite and it was OK but he thought it was delicious!




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