Trick or Treats and Costumes


I have loved Halloween since I was a little girl. I will use almost any reason to dress up in a costume. The great thing about Halloween is you get one day out of the entire year to dress up and pretend to be whatever you like and nobody can say anything to you. Unless you’re 1 of those people that will take something that shouldn’t be a costume or shouldn’t be sexy and you make it sexy, lol!

You can be a butterfly, a caterpillar, superhero,unicorn, a sexy nurse or whatever and it’s okay! Halloween is about dressing up and having fun. Pretending just for one day that you’re a hobbit or Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. I mean, what is better than that?

I initially wanted my sister and I to be Ola Ray and Michael Jackson from the Thriller video.


I even wanted to learn the thriller dance and everything. However my sister thought it would be easier to dress in costume from the way you make me feel video.

Which it worked up better for both of us because I can’t really dance so I would have had to take the time to learn the thriller dance. We also would have had to order costumes from online. By picking costumes from, The way you make me feel video, it was just finding stuff that was in our closet. Usually every woman has a little black dress that she could put on so, it was very easy for us to dress up in character from this video.


I did however have to go and buy a new dress because I can’t fit into any of my dresses anymore. That’s another blog for another day. Me being the cheapest person on the planet, I’m sorry, a frugalista, I found a dress for $5! SCORE! I also had purchased a curly wig last year during Thanksgiving so my costume was basically $5.

As you all know from my previous post, I have 85 pair of shoes, so I had plenty to pick from. Me being a lover of bangles I was good there too! So, it didn’t take me long to get dressed! I must say, we nailed our costumes.


We had a great time and it always a joy hanging out with my sister. She is so much fun. Her presence makes me happy. Life is better with sisters. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Which I hadn’t been to in years. I had forgotten how good the food was. We went to the new restaurant that Gene Simmons opened called Rock and Brews! It was so nice; absolutely beautiful inside. The bar was very elegant but really inviting. I’m so glad that we went. We always have a good time together! A wonderful Halloween.


What were you for Halloween? Do you celebrate Halloween? What is your favorite holiday?

3 thoughts on “Trick or Treats and Costumes

  1. I am gonna kill you Netta lol. Of all pics u chose the one in the car ugh. As Titus would say “Crushing it”. Love you though.


  2. Yessss!! I had a great Halloween as well!! It was so much fun and I love this blog! Exactly how I feel! Lol love you guys relationship so much!


    1. Thank you 🤗🤗. I’m glad you had a fun Halloween. I just love it! Danielle and I have a great relationship but it wasn’t always this way though. She didnt like me until I was 19, l Iol!! 🤣😂🤣😂


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