I’m a Scorpio


According to Ganesha.com, Scorpios are, “Strong willed, passionate, intelligent, jealous, possessive and secretive, and they know how to effortlessly grab the limelight, as they possess what it takes to achieve their goals. They have a magnetic charm that can’t be ignored!” That actually describes me to a T!!! I’m not saying I have magnetic charm, the stars are saying that! LOL

It’s so funny when you go online and you read the characteristics of a Scorpio and everything that you read describes you. I’ve always considered myself to be different, someone who stands out from the crowd, not like everyone else. Then I go online and I read about a Scorpio and it’s like I wrote the description myself. Do all of us really have the same traits and the same characteristics? So much for being one of a kind.

I had to sit and think about all of the Scorpio’s I know and see if we’re alike. This took a little research, time, and a lot of thinking back. Actually, it didn’t take long at all and very little research. Most of the Scorpios I know are in my family……….

So, my sister Danielle is a Scorpio, my niece Corey, and my nephew Dallas! Funny side note, my nephew Dallas looks exactly like me and my niece Corey looks like Danielle, however she occasionally looks like me. Who am I kidding? My entire family looks alike

So, the four of us are intelligent. We’re all very secretive. I think this comes from not trusting people but our family. I also think Scorpio’s are paranoid but that comes from being secretive. My nephew is still young so I don’t see him being possessive. I Β definitely am and so is my sister and my niece. We are all strong willed and jealous. I think being possessive and jealous go hand in hand.

However I’m not jealous over nice material things that people have that I don’t. It’s not that kind of jealousy. Mine is like the, what do you mean you have two best friends or I thought I was your favorite aunt. You know that kind of jealousy, lol! I’m jealous over things I think are mine that I possess. Like a normal crazy person 😁😁 .

I do seem to attract attention when I go places but this isn’t something I crave. I actually don’t like attention. However, my Mother passed her really attractive features to me and it causes people to stare, lol! I’m so modest and humble, right!


I am the exact definition or a Scorpio! If anyone ever has a problem with who I am, what am I to do about it? I cannot help who I am, can I?

Are you the exact definition of your zodiac sign? How do you think your sign aligns up genes and things that are hereditary? I am fascinated by all of this.

How many Scorpios do you know? Do they have these characteristics?

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed!

4 thoughts on “I’m a Scorpio

  1. Its funny considering you look like the father and brother lol. I on the other hand look exactly like mother. I got the good genes Levi to be exact lol. But you’re still beautiful and so true about the description of Scorpios. On difference is you don’t hold grudges I do. But eh so I laid an egg shoot me.


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