Sister Sister


Although we were inseparable when we were small children: my sister didn’t like me until I was 19, lol!! The reason I say this is because that’s when I left our home and move to Florida. She was happy I was finally gone………..

You could say I was what they consider a Goody 2 shoes, the good daughter.  Mind you, we have two older sisters, but they were already out of the house. She was not the troubled child but she wasn’t exactly a sweet cookie like I was.

I made the good grades, played sports, well I was on the basketball team. I wouldn’t consider what I did playing basketball! I wasn’t very good, but I could run and somewhat shoot. I also ran track and I was very good at it. I had a lot of friends, and never got in trouble. Danielle was smart but didn’t really like school, she played sports, but got into trouble.

I don’t think my Mother doted on me but my sister thought she did. So, she was happy when I left! I wasn’t purposely a good girl, I’m just naturally a happy person. Most though I didn’t want to cause my Mother unnecessary stress. She was already a single Mother. I am not implying my sister did; I’m just telling a story.

My sister and I are both Scorpio’s and so much alike. We both love sports, watching and going to the movies, quoting lines from movies, and going to concerts. However, we are also very different. We bumped heads alot. Which caused a lot of fights, like cats and dogs. In our case like cat against cat, lol! However, we are always sisters! We stand up for each other and that has always been the one constant!  No matter how different we are, we are family!
IMG_20181106_181324_310.jpgEven today, my sister’s 34th birthday, I see a beautiful little chocolate girl looking up to me. She will always be my little sister. So, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my sister Danielle. My little sister who’s always by my side, still!
imagejpeg_1.jpgDo you get along with you siblings? Do you have a younger sister? Is your family close?

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it!

Bigger and better content coming in the future! Videos and all!



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