Chapter 38


Today is the official chapter 38 of my life. It is my birthday; my 38th birthday. I am 38 years Young! Thank you GOD! I’ve been blessed with another year of life. I must say this year has been one of the best years of my life and so I know chapter 38 is going to be even better for me.


2 years ago, chapter 36 of my life was one of the worst chapters in the history of my years. As a matter of fact it was such a bad time I almost couldn’t see it getting better. I went through a terrible breakup. It was the first time I had ever lived alone. I struggled to pay my bills. I worked two jobs. At my daytime job, I worked from 10:45am-4on. My night job I worked from 430pm-10pm. I did this 4 to 5 days a week. Guess what? I still struggled to pay my bills.

I was suffering from the worst migraines for weeks at a time. When I went and had my yearly woman’s exam; my doctor found abnormal cells in my cervix. That caused me anxiety like you would not believe. I had to have what was called a colposcopy. They removed tissue from my cervix to examine. It was like I was living in a nightmare. So to say chapter 35 and 36 was rough is an understatement.

I think I cried enough for everyone in the world that year. Thing is, I’m really not a cried. As girly as I am, I’m just not. I think i inherited that from my Mother. I may have wrote about this before my mother is almost 64 years old and I’ve only seen her cry twice in my entire life. It’s not because I see crying as a sign of weakness it’s just not something that I do very often but I can say I did in chapter 35 and 36 of my life.

However, God is good and he brought me through that long dreary storm. Since that storm passed, there have been so many sunny days with blue skies and butterflies. So many bouts of bright smiles, happy feet, and jazz hands! I’m not surprised though, as a praying child that grew into a praying woman, I can’t remember a time when God didn’t answer my prayers! Even when I struggled I knew he was there. Life is tough and it isn’t without hardships, that’s to be expected. Knowing he was there is what kept me going.


Turning this fabulous age of 38, I sit here the happiest I have ever been! I met the man of my dreams. He’s even better than what I prayed for. How is that even possible? As someone who doesn’t look for another human for happiness, this man, my man, makes me happier than birthday cake . I have a job that isn’t what I dream of, but I get to make my own schedule. I’m daughter of the amazing DelmaAnn, puppy Mom of Dusty and Onyx Lane, future wife of Mr. Andrews, and I have the greatest FAMILY.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 38

  1. Belated Happy birthday! ❀ May the Lord bless you with so much happiness, love, joy and peace. More birthdays to come!


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