My Little Old Men


“Behind every successful woman is a loyal and dedicated dog or 2!” Arnetta L Lane

I know I write about my dogs a lot but that is because I’ve had them for a 3rd of my life. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have them. They’ve been with me through all my successes and downfalls of my life. They are always by my side and therefore I write about them a lot.

They are starting to get older and although they are getting older they’re still very hyper and outgoing. However, they are starting to slow down just a little bit and their bones are getting creaky. I have to carry Dusty up-and-down the stairs when I take him out for his walk. He is now allergic to something that is outside so he has to wear little booties on his paws when he goes out. Although he wears the little booties when he goes outside; I still have to take them off and put hot or warm water on his paws and wash them off just in case something got in there and irritated him.


Sometimes I have to break up their snacks before they eat because of their teeth. I have to put medicine in their food. Well, I have  to crush it up and put it into their food. My little men are getting old. These things are time consuming but this comes with the territory. When things start to get older, it isn’t always necessary to replace them. You just have to treat them with extra care and remember antiques have a priceless value.

Dogs come into our lives and we fall in love with them. They teach us unconventional love. They bring us joy we didn’t know we needed or didn’t know we lacked. They cause us heartaches and stress but it is all worth it. When you walk in the door and see they wagging tails or see them waiting for you through the window, it’s all worth it!


I’ve had friends come and go. A husband that left. Family disappear. Dusty and Onyx have stayed with me through it all! My little old men! When the time does come for them to leave me, I pray they will be waiting for me when I get to Heaven!!

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! If you don’t have a dog, adopt one or two. They make life so much better!



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