Ugly Sweater Parties and Holiday Drinks

Hello beautiful people! Happy Wednesday!

It was like Michael’s (the arts and crafts store), glitter, the colors of Christmas, and a hot glue gun; all got into a fight with a sweater and they all won! This is how an ugly sweater was created!! Let me tell you; I am all about an ugly sweater party. As I stated several times before in my blogs, I love parties!! Any reason to celebrate I am on board! Lol

The first time I participated in an ugly sweater contest was years ago when I was a server at a restaurant called Ale House! Omg, the sweater was so thick and itchy I thought I was going to pass out during my shift . I won the contest but I don’t think it was because my sweater was ugly. I think it was because I was bold enough to wear the sweater and be hot at work. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of myself in the sweater but it was blue and gray it had snowflakes on it and snowman and it was just bad.


Since then I have loved ugly sweaters, however I will never get a sweater like the one I wore to work all those years ago. I like being conscious .

Last year my friend Ana had a fabulous party and I was all IN!! I even took the liberty of bringing two of my other friends with me! The more the merrier. My friend Ana likes to bake and she made the best baked goods for this party! I was actually looking forward to her cookies the most. This girl can bake! She didn’t disappoint. I took home several cookies and other baked goodies. As was expected of me because that’s what I do .

As far as my sweater goes, I got a red one from the goodwill and I sewed two glittery reindeer on the front of it. Needless so say there was glitter everywhere; especially my car. And I got to wear my favorite red boots from JustFab! I must say I looked fabulous.

The party was great and there was plenty of yummy beer and wine! Not too many cocktails but I can make those myself at home when I have the girls over for Christmas exchange girls night! And I do plan on making lots of festive drinks. I’m really looking forward to that. Its already December 5th and so far no invites to Ugly Sweater or Holiday Parties. Well, other than the ones I’ve planned.

What do you have planned this season? Will you be going to Ugly Sweater or Holiday Parties? What’s your favorite holiday drink? Let me know! Thanks for reading my blog!
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