If Friends Were Flowers

Hello Beautiful People! Happy Tuesday!


Years ago my best friend Heather and I were exchanging Christmas gifts. She got me one of the sweetest gifts ever. It was a beautiful pink and white candle pot with flowers that read, “If friends were flowers, I would pick you!” I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. The candle holder is still on display in my house. I probably got it from her over 12 years ago.

Many of you know Heather passed away 6 years ago from breast cancer. So, that gift is very dear to me. What gift or gifts have you received over the years that mean everything to you?

Heather and I didn’t get to spend a lot of Christmases together but when we did, there was always a gift exchange. I remember every gift she’s ever given me! The flower candle holder is and will always be my favorite. There’s just something so significant about it. It warms my heart.

Maybe because the day I met her she had on a flower print dress. Isn’t it amazing how someone makes such an impression on you, you remember what they were wearing the day you met them?

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