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As a woman that has a huge appetite and likes to eat out a lot; I go to a lot of restaurants . One of the things that I always notice is the people that work in the restaurant. I notice the hostess, the back of the house, the managers, and the servers. I notice everything! There are a few things that have been constant in each restaurant that I visit and that is the look of staff.

The host or should I say hostess is always female. The chef or chefs are always male (white). The back of the house is predominantly African American men and in upscale restaurants the servers are always male. I am always puzzled by this because when you grow up the mother is always someone that stays home and cooks. When you go to fancy restaurants or restaurant in general it’s always a male head chef. How many restaurants have you been to that have female head chefs? Can women only cook at home and not be in charge of restaurant menus?

Bonefish Grill

I was a hostess at a restaurant for 3 years and every time a hostess was hired she was really attractive and they never hired any males to host. Everyone of the chefs were male. Only 2 females worked in the kitchen but they did prep and didn’t actually cook. By the time I quit there was only 1 female bartender and 1 female that worked in the kitchen.

A lot of The Times I felt that women were not respected in the restaurant industry. I felt as if we were only looked at as being able to seat people and nothing more. So when i traveled to different cities and different states, I saw the same thing. Has anyone else noticed this? What are your thoughts?



It could be like this because women are doing different jobs and not applying and I’m just exaggerated. Could be certain restuarant prefer male staff. Regardless, this is something that was on my heart and I wanted to write about it.

I think we need more female chefs, managers, and more women in general in POWER!

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MiddleGround Restaurant St. Pete


3 thoughts on “Back of the House……..

  1. I agree it’s a male dominated field, when I was in college, I worked as a hostess and waitress and not many women applied for the Chefs|Cook’s position. Not sure why though but it is my hope that we have broken the glass ceiling and that there are only a few by choice, meaning they are venturing into other careers.


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