Paycheck to Paycheck

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Wednesday! Thank you for spending some of it with me!

I’ve always been somewhat of a cheap, I’m sorry,  a frugal person

🤣.  I always try to hold on to my money for as long as I can. In the back of my mind I’m always thinking you never know what could come up and you need extra money for it.  Sometimes paranoia can be a good thing, lol! 
I give myself a hard time for being frugal but not having any money is not a laughing manner. I never want to be in the position where I don’t have any money to pay for my bills or for food or for whatever. 

However, in the world that we live in it is very hard to have extra money. Minimum wage has not gone up since 2015. The cost of living goes up on a daily basis but people who make minimum wage aren’t making more money. 

According to a study, the average rent in America is between $1200 and $1400 a month. 57% of Americans only have $1000 to their names.  Now look at these numbers and imagine the people that are affected by the government shutdown.  I would imagine the people who work for the government that were affected by the shutdown make more than minimum wage. So we can look past that and only looked at the 57% of Americans have only a $1000 to their names. 

If these workers missed one paycheck they would be in such a bind. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Missing just one paycheck can mess someone up for months. You would be playing catch up and that can be very stressful. 

Maybe growing up without much money makes me hold onto every penny I have for as long as I can. Not everyone can do that. People have families with children and they may be caring for other family members or elderly parents. Having a missed paycheck isn’t okay. 

I won’t mention names but when someone that has never had to worry about money says he understands how the workers feel,  he should have a seat! This is what happens when someone who doesn’t have a clue is in charge.

Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t fun!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and thank you for reading! Let me know your thoughts! Have a wonderful blessed day!

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5 thoughts on “Paycheck to Paycheck

  1. I totally agree!! On top of already getting paid close to nothing, they are now depriving them of the little they have to get by. This morning I heard Low Income Housing renters are being evicted due to this government shutdown. Constantly praying for them all!


    1. It’s very upsetting. I don’t know what’s going on in this country 😥😥 Our government needs to get it together. People shouldn’t have to suffer because they can’t get it together. President has too much power

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  2. I agree! It’s so sad and stressful. This situation can affect families in so many ways. Is not just a financial problem, it also affects people emotionally.
    I have a family member affected by the shutdown. That’s the main source of income of the family. We have already reached out to offer help and aid economically. So far, they say they are ok, they are managing, but it’s causing a lot of stress. Not knowing if or when you will get paid. They are relying on savings (which is not a lot and can last so long) and on the secondary income (which is not enough to pay for everything). They have a plan to get second jobs, if necessary. They say, “We’ll let you know.”
    In this case, they have a back up plan that may work, and they have us. But there is people that don’t have any of that. People with different scenarios that can make things so much more difficult. We have to stand together, help each other, reach out to lend a hand.


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