How Will You Recognize Me?

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In life, as we start to get older the people that we love (older people), start to pass away. Its a sad thing to think about but it’s true and it’s inevitable……it will happen. I try not to think about it but from time to time I do. 

I remember when I was younger, actually not too much younger than I am now; I asked God if my mother could live forever. I don’t remember if you got back to me but I know that she can’t.  I want her to live as long as possible. I can’t imagine a world in which my Mother doesn’t exist. But who can?

I’ve been told that our bodies are just a vessel and when we go to heaven we won’t look like we do on earth. This has me wondering;  how will our loved ones know who we are when we get to heaven? How will they recognize us? 

I’ve wrote about this before, my Grandmother passed away before any my siblings and I were born. We didn’t get the pleasure of meeting her. How will she recognize us? How will we recognize her?

I am a firm believer in God I always will be. These are just questions that go through my mind from time to time. Has anyone else wondered the same thing? I’m not questioning my faith, just something I honestly want to know. If you’re wondering, yes I’m 100% sure I’m going to Heaven .

Let me know your thoughts about this. Does anyone know the answer to my question? I would really like to know. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Bromley my hometown 2011

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5 thoughts on “How Will You Recognize Me?

  1. The question about life and dead is a mirage…The more you look the less you see. That is why God is called the “Omniscience” and “Omnipotent”
    And with that we respect God the more!
    But I really enjoyed the thought. Keep blogging!

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  2. Wrap your arms around her memories. That’s what I do . They’re watching over you and if you open up you’ll feel them more. You don’t have to wait til Heaven.

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