American Woman

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This isn’t a new blog. I wrote it back in August but I wanted to bring it back to life. The reason is because of what happened the other day when those two women were assaulted at the hot dog stand.  A man literally knocked two women out and someone recorded it. No one did anything. I mean no one. My heart literally dropped when I saw the video. I don’t remember what city this happened in; but it was quite upsetting. We have to protect our WOMEN! I don’t think I can express that enough. If you haven’t seen the video please look it up on YouTube.

(This is from August)

I usually don’t watch many TV shows on network television. My favorite shows are on Netflix and I typically binge watch them the 1st day they come out or within the 1st week. The reason for this is because I don’t watch much TV so when I do I try to watch it all in one sitting. I try to use my time for things that matter; like my writing, reading, doing research, spending time with my dogs, etc.

However, a few months back I started watching a show called American woman! It is on the Paramount network. Its stars Alicia Silverstone and Mena Sorvino. I absolutely love it. Alicia Silverstone is excellent. What I like most about her character is how bold, strong, outspoken, and aggressive her character is. This is important because I believe the time period is like the 1970’s or 1980’s when women were treated as 2nd class citizens.

Her character refuses to be walked over, silenced, or made to feel like she doesn’t matter. She’s not a woman who sits back and lets anyone walk over her and be made to feel like a victim. And she doesn’t just stand up for herself; she stands up for other women and minorities. I consider her a great role model.

When life should have knocked her over she got back up and continues to do so in every episode. Yes, she had her moments as she wasn’t afraid to ask for help when she needed it. I think that’s a great balance. Being a strong bold aggressive woman but not being afraid to ask for help and express feeling crazy sad or scared.

A lot can be learned from watching this show. I suggest it to everyone.

The thing I learned most from this show, which is very sad and upsetting, is the way women are treated back in the seventies and eighties has not changed much in 2018. We are still overlooked and treated like 2nd class citizens by men even though we are qualified. Men want to see us but not hear us, having a child/children is a disability. We’re not smart enough to hold high positions. if there’s work to be done on the weekends, the men will get the weekend off because you as a single woman obviously don’t have anything to do on the weekends. It’s so infuriating and demeaning!

But it doesn’t stop our fight or silence our voices. We will be heard! Girl Power!!


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