Just The Two of Us

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane!

Onyx and I

This has been quite the week for me but I’m making it. I’m sorry we are making it. When I say we, I mean my dog Onyx and I. It is just the 2 of us now. It hasn’t been just the 2 of us since June of 2006. It is very surreal but I know we are going to be ok.

We have been spending a lot of time together . I have to make sure I keep our routine the same but just show him more love and affection.

Going strong since 2005

We played fetch, well I don’t know if what we were doing was fetch. I threw the toy, he would run to it and bark. I would have to go to him and get it and throw it again. That was a continuous cycle. It was actually pretty fun. I think I was more tired at the end then he was.  I took him on four walks yesterday. This morning I tried to be different and take him on an excursion. 

The park that we live in has trails. They are good for biking and walking. So, this morning I tried to take him on one. He looked at me like, “I’m not going on that trail, Mom!” Lol, but I attempted to take him anyway. I’m not sure where he thought I was taking him but he wasn’t having it.

He was more excited about the car ride!

He was actually more excited about the car ride over, lol! I realized it’s not about what we do and more about us just being together. My dog just want my time and my love. He’s always had that but now he has all of it. 

Time stands still for no one and no matter what we go through life still goes on. 

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it. Onyx and I will be okay. Dusty will forever be in our hearts and never forgotten. Have a wonderful blessed day my friends! 

True best friends forever!

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