How Much Experience Do You Have?

Good morning beautiful humans happy Sunday! Thank you for spending part of your Sunday morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane!

Good morning

Life can be difficult at times. We go through ups and downs. During tough times it may seem like more ups than downs.  We may find it hard to catch a break and we often wonder what we did wrong to deserve our situation. 
As humans sometimes venting can make us feel better. When we’re going through these difficult situations and we need to make decisions and we’re not sure how; we often look to friends and family to help us. 

I have realized as I’ve gotten older this is probably not a good idea. Its okay to vent because it makes us feel better but taking the advice may not be the best decision.

I now look at taking advice from people the way business owners look at potential new hires for their business. How much experience do you have?

What I mean by that is when I’m having an issue and I talk to someone about it and they’ve never been through the situation or anything close to it, I’m probably not going to listen to them. 

Its like me giving someone parenting advice but I don’t have children. Why would anyone listen to me? Lol. I mean I worked at daycares and I use to babysit but does that qualify me to offer advice? I’m an avid reader but still that doesn’t qualify me. 

How Much Experience Do You Have?

I saw the best quote the other day and it said, “Don’t ever take advice from someone doing worse than you!” I had never thought of it that way and it wasn’t trying to put people down. I think it was just trying to make people think. 

My mother rarely gives me advice but when she has she’s been right most of the time. However, anything she gave me advice about she had been through it herself. She was qualified.

I now rarely offer people advice especially when it comes to life decisions. I do speak about getting married because I’ve been married. I got married when I was 20 years old. I personally don’t think we should help others make life decisions. Its isn’t our life. 

Prayer works best for me! Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed and maybe even learned something.  Have a wonderful blessed day. 

How do you make decisions? Who do you talk to? Do you offer people advice?

Life with Lane!

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11 thoughts on “How Much Experience Do You Have?

  1. You could always do what George Costanza did and just do the opposite of everything you have ever did and see will you have a different outcome. I mean he did. Im just saying. Nice blog. True too


  2. As a counselor I don’t give advice but I do help by guiding them towards their own decision. As a coach I do give advice but only when asked. For me wether a person has experience or not I take the parts that resonate with me and leave the rest. I love bouncing ideas off of others and I try to surround myself with thoughtful, nonjudgmental and smart people so it usually works out ok. Lol great post!


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