30 day happiness challenge…….

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Thank you for stopping by my blog today, come on in…… I realized I was my happiest when Onyx was next to me. Well, he’s no longer here so I have to find my happiness from somewhere else. I’m aware that true happiness comes from within. However, being with my pup was my happy place. 15 years is along … Continue reading 30 day happiness challenge…….

Hello Madame Vice President!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world! Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in……… Today is a historic day! Kamala Harris will be the first woman, the first woman of color sworn into office as Vice … Continue reading Hello Madame Vice President!