Miracles, Do You Believe in Them?

Many people say Miracles can happen everyday, we just have to believe! According to the Webster’s dictionary,  the definition of miracle is “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicitly by nature or scientific laws and is therefore consider to be a work of a divine agency.” I am a huge believer of miracles. I have been since I was a child and will … Continue reading Miracles, Do You Believe in Them?


It’s Pinktober October is Breast Cancer awareness month! This is something that is very dear to my heart.  Six years ago, my best friend, Heather Marie Lewis Thomas, passed away from breast cancer. She was only 35 years ago. She was one of the best things God had ever created. (This is a repost from a few months ago)Heather was the most beautiful, kindest, God-fearing … Continue reading Pinktober

Cheers to Juneteenth!!! Happy Heather Feather Day!

  Today is a bitter sweet day for me. It’s Juneteenth! Juneteeth, also known as Emancipation Day, symbolizes the end of slavery and commemorates the reading of Republican president Abraham Lincoln’s General Order #3 on June 19th, 1865 in Texas which announced the freeing of slaves! This is something indeed to celebrate! Celebrate freedom and remember all the beautiful lives that were lost fighting for … Continue reading Cheers to Juneteenth!!! Happy Heather Feather Day!