Frog Phobia

The large beady eyes The yucky slimy skin The disturbing churp you hear……even in the city The ability to leap a body length within seconds Myth of causing warts if one touches you And they seem to camouflage with their background They hang out on bathroom windows Watching your every move Waiting for the opportune moment to jump on you To stick out that long … Continue reading Frog Phobia

A Night of (paid for) Terror!

  I recently wrote about how much I love Fall and all the things that come with Fall. As you know I live in Orlando, home to Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. Well, every year Universal Studios has Halloween Horror Nights and each year there is a theme. This time around the main attraction is Stranger Things. I couldn’t get past the first episode … Continue reading A Night of (paid for) Terror!


It’s Pinktober October is Breast Cancer awareness month! This is something that is very dear to my heart.  Six years ago, my best friend, Heather Marie Lewis Thomas, passed away from breast cancer. She was only 35 years ago. She was one of the best things God had ever created. (This is a repost from a few months ago)Heather was the most beautiful, kindest, God-fearing … Continue reading Pinktober