A Sweet Christmas “Dumplin”

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Sunday! Thanks for spending part of it with me! I decided to take a break from watching all of a Lifetime and Hallmark movie channel Christmas movies. After all every movie is the exact same. They all have the same plot; all the main characters look exactly alike, and they’re all predictable, lol! I still love all of the movies … Continue reading A Sweet Christmas “Dumplin”

Happiness equals Pounds (In Relationships)

My first blog was actually about me doing a 7-Day challenge. During that time I didn’t make it through my 7 Day Challenge because I felt like I was losing weight faster than I wanted to. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore. I am back to doing another 7 day challenge. It’s not really a challenge More of a eat healthier … Continue reading Happiness equals Pounds (In Relationships)