Valentine’s Day: I Appreciate It!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Happy Valentine’s Day, thank for spending part of your Valentine’s morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane! Before I get started, I would like to wish my best friend of 19 years, LaKesha Sewell and DeAndre Sewell, A happy 10 year anniversary! I had the pleasure of being in their wedding 10 years ago today. It was the … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: I Appreciate It!

Happiness equals Pounds (In Relationships)

My first blog was actually about me doing a 7-Day challenge. During that time I didn’t make it through my 7 Day Challenge because I felt like I was losing weight faster than I wanted to. However, that does not seem to be the case anymore. I am back to doing another 7 day challenge. It’s not really a challenge More of a eat healthier … Continue reading Happiness equals Pounds (In Relationships)