Queens Supporting Queens

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Friday! We’ve practically made it through another week, hooray! Which means we’re closer to quarantine being over! We can hope anyway, right? In time this shall pass and we’ll be better and stronger than before! That is my bestie, Lakisha! Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve known this awesome human since 2000. We celebrated our 20 year friendversary in January. When I … Continue reading Queens Supporting Queens

Serene Artistry

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! How are you doing today? Welcome to Life with Lane, my life through words, pictures, and food! On Monday I mentioned I would be highlighting my friends that have their own business. I made this week entrepreneur week! Well, it starts today. I am highlighting my friend Savelle Beane. She has just launched her line of eyelashes called Serene … Continue reading Serene Artistry