Reasons I smiled this week, 36th Edition

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! We made it. I hope your week was filled with, social distancing, lots of hands sanitizer, reading, revising your resume, learning new skills, and binge watching Ozark! Welcome to Life with Lane, my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in.. . This week for me seemed to actually fly by. How was it for you guys? My … Continue reading Reasons I smiled this week, 36th Edition

Sometimes Opposites Don’t Attract

Hello beautiful people! So as most of you know I recently celebrated my 38th birthday. I am a person that has always loved birthdays. Maybe it’s because I like cake and ice cream or maybe I just like to party and celebrate but regardless I love birthdays. I believe when you celebrate you should always do it big no matter what your age, gender, or … Continue reading Sometimes Opposites Don’t Attract